The Division Heartland Taiwan rating could hint at a potential release window

The Division Heartland

Following delays since its initial announcement in 2021, The Division Heartland’s recent rating in Taiwan could suggest a potential launch date for the spinoff title.

As spotted by X (formerly Twitter) user Kurakasis, a post mentions the game getting a rating in the island nation on November 14, 2023. But the main highlight of the post is the mention of the timeframe between a game getting a rating and the feasibility of a subsequent planned launch. Or in the case of an online game, such as Heartland, a soft launch or open beta. Specifically, it mentions “2-2.5 months,” which translates to a likely release window of either late January or early February 2024.

Do note that while that notion may provide a likely accurate measure of The Division Heartland’s possible release, it’s not set in stone just yet. This is especially true, considering that Ubisoft has not officially sent word on the topic. Yet, if there is anything that the rating is showing, it’s that the game is on the right track, despite the setbacks.

In April this year, Ubisoft launched a 6-minute video showcasing The Division Heartland’s gameplay, alongside commentary with the game developers.

Slated for a multi-platform release, The Division Heartland will also be released on the PS4 and PS5.