The King Of Fighters XIII: Global Match Shares Combo Video For NESTS Style Kyo

SNK has shared a new video for The King Of Fighters XIII: Global Match. It showcases the skills and combos that NESTS Style Kyo can do in the game.

The King Of Fighters XIII: Global Match is the latest edition of KoF XIII, the last title in the franchise to use 2D sprites. The company released this revision in 2023 for PS4, with rollback netcode and other improvements.

There are 36 playable fighters to select, many of which are staples in the franchise. Among those, we already had a closer look at 34 playable characters, including K’, Yuri, King, Kula, Maxima, Billy Kane, Saiki, and Classic Iori.

Kyo is one of the most classic characters in the fighting games franchise. He’s a variation of the character with a different moveset that was used during the NESTS saga (KoF 99, 2000 and 2001).

Check out the video showcasing NESTS Style Kyo: