The Last of Us Part II Remastered Gets No Return Mode Trailer

Sony has shared a new look at the “No Return” mode for The Last of Us Part II Remastered. This roguelike option is one of the new features of the remaster.

The Last of Us Part II is an action-adventure game originally released for PS4 on June 19, 2020. Back in 2021, the game received an update to enhance its performance on PS5 to 60 frames per second.

The game takes place five years after the first one. The story features two protagonists, with Ellie from the previous game and the newcomer Abby taking the spotlight.

No Return is a roguelike survival mode in which players will be able to face randomized enemy encounters. It will feature multiple playable characters, randomized mods and four challenges:

  • Assault – wave upon wave of enemies;
  • Capture – try to break into a safe of supplies surrounded by enemies;
  • Holdout – defend against the enemies surrounding your post along with an AI-controlled ally;
  • Hunted – survive a non-stop barrage of enemies until the time runs out.

There will also be six boss characters to unlock every time the player gets to the end. Each time one of them is defeated, they may start showing up randomly during the next runs.

Check out the trailer:

The Last of Us Part II Remastered will be available on PlayStation 5 on January 19, 2024. Players who already own the digital edition of the original Part II will be able to upgrade to the remaster by paying $10 USD.