The Legend of Legacy HD Remastered Coming to PS4 and PS5 in March 2024

NIS America has revealed the release date for The Legend of Legacy HD Remastered. The 3DS JRPG remaster will be available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on March 22, 2024.

The Legend of Legacy is a turn-based RPG inspired by Square Enix’s SaGa series. The player has to pick one of seven playable characters first, then explore the land of Avalon along with other characters found around the City of Initium, the sole human settlement in the island.

Just like the SaGa series, the characters evolve their skills during battle. Every character can use any kind of weapon, and the more they use it, they’ll get specific levels. Over time, and especially when fighting nasty enemies, they may unlock new skills.

Besides the weapons, characters may also activate elemental contracts, which add special effects to your team over time and allow the usage of skills.

The newest trailer shared along with the date showcases these gameplay elements: