The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Gets a New Character DLC

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Virginia

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is seeing another addition to its slew of “Victims” as Virginia makes her way into the horror title. Her introduction marks the second Victim to join the roster since Danny entered the game last year.

Virginia will semblance the veteran horror actor Barbara Crampton, while also using her voice. Crampton has a prolific career in the business, spanning multiple decades, which includes character roles in movies, such as We’re Still Here and You’re Next.

Apart from her iconic presence on the silver screen, Crampton also dabbled in video games before as the persona behind “Mom” in Back 4 Blood. Said game is the successor to the popular Left 4 Dead franchise by Turtle Rock, which launched in 2021.

Speaking on Crampton’s partnership, publisher Gun Media’s CEO Wes Keltner said:

It’s been such a treat to work with Barbara. I mean come on, it’s Barbara Crampton! She’s an icon in the horror industry! She’s kind, passionate about her work, and a true creative. It’s not easy to bring a character in a video game to life. The vocal performance required to make pixels feel human is difficult. Barbara barely broke a sweat. I’m looking forward to adding her character into the world of Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Y’all are in for something special!

Info regarding Virginia as a playable remains sparse at the moment. However, players can anticipate unlockable active and passive abilities, including an ultimate ability that would be unique to the character.

Meanwhile, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is getting free skins for killers Sissy and Johnny on February 22, 2024: