The Thaumaturge Gets 11 Facts Trailer

Developer Fool’s Theory and publisher 11 bit studios shared a new trailer for The Thaumaturge. It hightlights 11 elements of the upcoming RPG.

The Thaumaturge takes place in Warsaw during 1905. As Wiktor Szulski, it’s up to you to explore the streets investigating the Russian Okhrana that controls the streets.

To do that, players can use the power of thaumaturgy, which he inherited from his parents. With the ability to tame unearthly creatures known as salutors, their power will be key to facing obstacles in the game.

The video highlights multiple story points as well as how Wiktor can use the mysterious powers he inherited as a part of the gameplay.

Check out the trailer:

The Thaumaturge will be available on PlayStation 5 in 2024. The companies provided no date, but it should happen after the game’s PC release on March 4, 2024.