The Walking Dead: Destinies Preview

On November 17, 2023, you can now live out some, if not all, of your Walking Dead “What If?” fantasies. 

In this choice driven action-adventure game, you’ll have a chance to rewrite the story of AMC’s hit series based on the graphic novels of The Walking Dead. You will be able to weave a new path through the biggest moments from seasons 1-4. Developed by Flux Game Studio and published by GameMill Entertainment.

Some of the iconic locations that will appear include the city of Atlanta, the Greene Farm, The Prison and walled safe zone of Woodbury. 

Characters confirmed to make an appearance include the Grimes family (Rick, Lori, Carl and Judith), Shane, Michonne, Glenn, Daryl and Merle Dixon, Carol, the Governor, T-Dog, Hershel Maggie and Beth Greene, Morgan, Otis and Sophia. 

Leaning in on the popular ‘what if?’ angle the trailer seems to put a great emphasis on the what if? Scenario of what would have happened if Shane killed Rick at the end of season 2. 

Movie and TV tie in games are not always very good with the exception of a handful like Spiderman or the Punisher games. One major problem that was faced in the recent Marvels Avengers game is the developer not being able to obtain the rights to the characters likenesses. This is not the case here.

The AMC series did a great job of casting each character from the comic books, with Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira, and David Morrisey really making those characters their own and personifying the parts perfectly. This game has secured the licensing to these actors’ faces, which is only going to help improve the immersive nature of the storyline throughout the game…if you can get over some of the characters maybe not looking their best.


From all accounts this will not be a strict story-based game, with the game needing you to manage supplies, scavenge through the undead world and using the abilities of your party to your advantage. 

The game is played purely in third-person giving you the same feeling you would get while watching the TV Series. 

The combat seems to vary from being stealth-based and all out action in certain times like when having to defend your camp. 

Possible Story Changes

Shane and Rick can not come to blows at Hershels farm, or Shane can kill Rick and take over the group. Carl can die for the gunshot he receives during the hunting accident from Otis. Merle could make it off that roof with the rest of the group and keep his hand. Lori could even survive the birth of Judith. 

Release Info

The release date now set for November 17th is valid for digital versions of the game according to The Walking Dead Destinies website, the game will be available on Playstation 4 and 5, PC, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X. The website also says the physical versions of the game will be available for the Xbox and Playstation version on December 1st, and the Nintendo Switch Physical copy on January 16th 2024. 


The other examples of Walking Dead games include The Walking Dead Survival Instinct showing what everyones favourite crossbow shooting biker Daryl Dixon was up to before joining the Atlanta group. The game as a very cookie cutter, low resolution go here and kill this kind of game but could be relatively fun and really did have the best of intentions.

And of course, there is the incredible award-winning and tear-jerking TellTale series of games, which I am sure I don’t need to explain how good those are here. 

The only other Walking Dead games that are even worth mentioning are mobile games which either means this is a difficult series to turn into a video game or just that no one has gotten it right so far. Could The Walking Dead Destinies pave the way for more games like it? Could you be changing the outcomes of Westeros? Could you help Anakin bring balance to the force and not leave it in darkness? Could you make the Resident Evil TV series actually bearable? 

Let us know what you think down below, and keep your eyes peeled here on PSLegends for a review of this game. Cheers.