The Walking Dead: Destinies will Launch Digitally in November, Physically in December

The Walking Dead Destinies

Since announcing that a new title based on The Walking Dead franchise is being developed for multiple platforms, including PS4 and PS5, with a price tag of $49.99 back in August, we have had nothing but silence about the game’s development.

Now, GameMill Entertainment and Flux Games, publisher and developer of The Walking Dead: Destinies respectively, are announcing that the game will be released digitally on November 17, 2023. It is followed by the release of physical copies in December 2023.

Filling in the shoes of Rick Grimes, players start with Destinies in a hospital surrounded by the dead. But hardly the only survivor, players will eventually encounter other characters that can be added as part of the ensemble that is essential to survival. There are 12 recruitable characters overall, which include iconic figures like Daryl, Carol, Michonne, Shane, Rick, and more.

Throughout The Walking Dead: Destinies, fans of the franchise will come across familiar locations. Namely, the Woodbury, the Greene family farm, Atlanta, and the prison.

Although survival is the game’s central theme, Destinies is making itself extra special by adding the element of choice to it, subsequently altering the direction of the game. For fans who are familiar with the series, this means making decisions based on what’s canon or pre-written or choosing to carve a new path with your team.

Would you rather choose to save the villain and kill the hero instead? Whatever option you choose has its consequences.