Tide of Desolation is Out Now | Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown’s ‘Tide of Desolation’ event is active now, adding new weapons and a new wildcard condition. This event operates like those before it; destroy effigies and kill bosses/hunters to earn points and work your way through the battle pass, earning weapon and character skins.

New Wildcard Condition

Tide of Desolation Ash Bloom

Ash rises up and blankets the area, obscuring your sight unlike any fog. At its worst, the ash will drive animals crazy, causing them to activate as if a player was near. Dogs bark like crazy during the heaviest ash; other animals, like crows and horses, will be much more sensitive than usual. This keeps me on edge when every animal in the compound I’m in starts shrieking simultaneously.


Tide of Desolation Katana

A really cool addition to the already varied arsenal of melee weapons. This sword is quick with both a slash attack and a piercing attack. The katana is sure to change players style of combat into something more aggressive and bold. From what I have seen so far, this is already happening.

Caldwell Pax Trueshot

Tide of Desolation Caldwell Pax Trueshot

They have gone and made the Pax even more western, somehow. The Pax has always been a personal favorite, being the headshot machine that it is. As if it wasn’t good enough before, now it sports higher muzzle velocity and accuracy. Plus, who wouldn’t want theirs to be longer?

Ride the Tide

‘Tide of Desolation’ is active until February 14, 2024. There is much more than I have covered here, and plenty of time to see it all. This event adds features never before seen in Hunt: Showdown. I urge any fan to check it out while they can, as the wildcard condition may not be here after. The levels of the battle pass are still a bit girthy, requiring a bit of dedication to complete, though it seems to me to be worth while.