Top 6 Fighting Games on Sale for New Year’s!

Start the New Year by throwing down with some great deals on some of the best fighting games! This guide will help you find the perfect hand-to-hand combat for your tastes! Whether casual or full on fanatic, this comprehensive list will help you make that crucial decision and (hopefully!) avoid the dreaded buyer’s remorse. This list is in no specific order, and with that out of the way, let’s dive in!

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Mortal Kombat 1/Street Fighter 6

I had to make sure these two games got some recognition for moving their respective franchises forward in their own respective ways. Mortal Kombat 1 makes a lot of welcome changes to the phenomenal franchise, and at around 42 US dollars, it’s a steal. For newcomers, this is the perfect time to jump in as the timeline has been reset! Street Fighter 6 is fighting game perfection and it’s on sale for 40 USD, so definitely get it while you can! I can’t recommend these games enough, so it really comes down to personal preference.

Gang Beasts

While it may be slightly bending the definition of a fighting game, there’s still a lot of fighting in it, so I’ll let it slide. Plus it’s listed as a fighting game, so it’s going here. I was late to the party with this game, but I’m glad I joined. With a fun survival mode and hilarious bouts in both local and online play, it’s a must have if you need a good party game in your library. At 7.99 USD, it’s also a great choice if you’re looking to spend that last but of Christmas cash.

Soul Calibur 6

If you’re more into fighting with weapons or you just enjoy 3D fighting, Soul Calibur 6 may be right up your alley. After all these years, it still hasn’t lost it’s arcade-y feel. However, with an honestly sketchy net-code, this game is more suitable for players looking for a classic arcade ladder. It’s still entertaining enough to warrant the 9.59 USD sale price, though. And if you like the look of 3-D fighting in a game like this but don’t care for the weapons or iffy net-code, do I have something for you.

Tekken 7

Tekken 8 is right around the corner, but there’s no denying the 7th entry still packs a wollop. With an astonishing roster of up to 52 characters, the definitive edition is only 19.19 USD. Featuring a simple combo option for new players, I feel this is a good entry place for those new to fighting games. With in-depth and goofy customization options, you’re Free to make any character your own. There’s a decent amount of content here to get your money’s worth. And if you feel like $20 is a bit steep, you can get the base roster edition for 9.99 USD!

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

This is a great addition to any fighting game fan’s collection. Boasting 12 entries from across SF 1-3 and Alpha, this is a must have for OG fans. For that many games with newly added online play, this is a great deal at 9.99 USD. After becoming addicted to the newest entry, I had to add these to my collection, and man, it feels good to play. Good fighting games never get old. Now if only we could get a Marvel vs. Capcom collection like this…

Sometimes it can be hard making a decision when there’s plenty of good options and little time. My hope is with this article, I’ve eased that burden a little bit. Whether you’re wanting to jump into the latest in virtual hand-to-hand combat, feeling something more last gen, or wanting to play something more old school; there’s something here for any fans of the genre, new and seasoned.