Tower Of Fantasy Releases New Simulacrum Trailer Featuring Rei From Evangelion

Perfect World Games has recently released a new trailer for the PS4 & PS5 version of Tower of Fantasy. The trailer features the Simulacrum of Rei Ayanami, who will be available as part of the Evangelion Fantasy collaboration event on March 28th. Alongside Rei, her Salvation limited weapon and Future’s Echo outfit will also be released.

The trailer features Rei fighting off a group of enemies with her bow, showing off her abilities and what players can expect from the character. The collaboration started on March 12th and features Shinji and Asuka alongside Rei. Players can also enjoy a new vehicle type called Soul Plugs that allow players to zoom around no matter the terrain.

The collaboration also features the Eva Units and angels with an artstyle that is true to the original anime. As angels invade the Vera center, the world looks towards the three pilots to try and repel the invasion alongside the player character.

Watch the trailer below.

Players can enjoy the event for free by downloading Tower of Fantasy on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 today.