Tsukihime: A Piece Of Blue Glass Moon Gets June Release Date

Aniplex has announced the release date for Tsukihime: A Piece Of Blue Glass Moon. The Type-Moon visual novel will come west for PlayStation 4 on June 27, 2024.

Tsukihime is a classic visual novel by Japanese writer Kinoko Nasu (Fate/Stay Night). Type-Moon developed the game and released it in 2000, and this new edition rewrites the first portion of the original.

The game tells the story of Shiki Tohno, a young boy who left his family due to certain circumstances. After his father’s death, he comes back to the mansion but serial killings are happening in town.

With the ability to see death lines in people, he’ll meet supernatural situations that will mess with his normal life. Eventually, he’ll have the chance to get closer to the girls around him while also learning hard truths about himself, his past and where he lives.

In A Piece of Blue Glass Moon, we can access the routes for Arcueid and Ciel, which are considered the Near Side of the Moon. The other routes, Far Side of the Moon, will be available in the second part, yet to release in Japan.