Unicorn Overlord Demo Version Announced For Playstation 4 and 5; Available February 23

Atlus has shared a new trailer for Unicorn Overlord, announcing that a demo version for the game will be releasing on PlayStation 4 and 5 on February 23, 2024. This demo version will allow players to carry over their save data to the full game upon release, so there’s no need to worry about losing your progress.

Unicorn Overlord is a tactical RPG that follows the story of the prince of Cornia, Alain. After General Valmore usurps the throne, he flees from home to keep the royal lineage alive. However, the new overlord brings war to the whole continent. Now Alain must lead the Liberation Army to fight back and liberate the continent from Valmore’s ambition.

Unicorn Overlord will be releasing on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on March 8th, 2023.

Check out the trailer for the demo version below: