Unicorn Overlord New Trailer Shares Training Tips

Atlus has shared a new trailer for Unicorn Overlord. Continuing the Josef’s Guide series, this time we get a look at how training works in the game.

Unicorn Overlord is a tactical RPG that follows the story of the prince of Cornia, Alain. After General Valmore usurps the throne, he flees from home to keep the royal lineage alive.

However, the new overlord brings war to the whole continent. Now Alain must lead the Liberation Army to fight back and liberate the continent from Valmore’s ambition.

In the new video, Commander Josef explains various elements related to training your units and making them stronger.

The first element the characters discuss is the class, which determines the advantages and disadvantages of the units. They may focus on melee combat, fight from the back, heal allies, and have access to other special skills.

One of the techniques the video explores is Promotion. By spending honors you obtain via quests, you can obtain higher-level classes, boosting the characters’ stats.

Classes also unlock new skills, and the video shows how Alain can traverse the map faster once he becomes a High Lord.

Maps also include Sigils of the Ancients. Those repeatable battles will allow for training characters, leveling them up to face harder foes later.

They may reward the player with Training Items. Giving them to a character will improve their experience without the need for battles.

There are also other items that improve specific stats, like HP and attack. With them, it should be easier to level up the allies lagging behind the rest of the team.

Check out the trailer:

Unicorn Overlord comes to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on March 8, 2024