Untitled Goose Game Review – Beware the Honking (But Friendly!) Menace

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With games where the protagonist is an animal, such as Goat Simulator, Tokyo Jungle, Maneater and Okami, it’s about time the feathered fouls get a game of their own. House House have made all your dreams of being a dreadful goose, complete with obnoxious HONK, a reality. So let us waddle over and take a gander at Untitled Goose Game.


The story is simple and to the point. You are a goose, but not just any goose, you are a terrible, naughty goose whose sole purpose in life is to terrorize, prank and generally cause chaos for the inhabitants of a simple, little country village.

You start out in the woods, honking in a bush. Setting off from here and picking up items, moving on through the little lake to a gardener’s crop of vegetables and flowers and you get your first list.

A list of everything that is going to ruin this gardener’s day, steal his hat, keys, rake, and more. Completing most of your list unlocks the next area in the village with more tasks and more victims to annoy, until you reach the final area (which I won’t spoil, it was amazing!).

All you do is terrorize and cause chaos for everyone. Your only reason is that you’re a horrible goose!


As a goose, you can waddle, honk, crouch, run, pick up things (mostly to steal) and flap your wings (no flying though). You use all of these individually and in combination to cause havoc.

The wing flap is more of a flourish but my goodness does it make me laugh to add it into most action to just take them over the top. Chasing a child into a phone booth is fun. And while flapping your wings? Absolutely hilarious. Sneaking up on people, head down, wings up, just to deliver an almighty “HONK!” at them certainly made me put up a smile while playing the game.

What’s better than a horrible goose? Two horrible geese! Bring a friend along to tag team the pranks and chaos for a whole new approach to the To-Do list objectives. One causing a distraction while the other pulling off the heist is just bliss.


This game is a beaut! It’s got a simple art style. I get a hand-painted postcard kind of feel to it. The goose is animated so smoothly and perfectly with its little waddle as you walk, the way its whole body neck and head drops when crouched and then the wing flapping, that is just graceful. The wingspan on the goose is quite impressive and while stationary, you hold your wings out but walk or run and you’ll flap them quite intimidatingly at your next helpless victim.

The villagers have no faces, just a nose and some with glasses. Even without faces they still convey their feelings and thoughts through thought and speech bubbles. They are animated very well also as they plod along, conducting their days as “normal”, unsuspecting of the seemingly hapless goose wandering around, that is, until it’s too late.

There isn’t a constant soundtrack and BGM in the game. Most of the time you will hear the goose’s feet patting the floor as you walk and other ambient noises like crickets and birdsong. And you can’t forget that all important HONK! There are even walkie-talkies that can be used to trick villagers with by placing one somewhere while you honk in the other. Furthermore, you can also hold a harmonica for a rather special honk.

The only instrument used in the game is the piano and it couldn’t be more perfect. Randomly it will chime in with a jaunty tune and mischievous notes while you are sneaking around and ticking items off your list. While being chased is when it’s at its best. The piano speeds up to an equally fun and chaotic melody, making chases tense and exciting. It still makes my heart race thinking of it.


After completing the game there are 2 extras in a replay. Firstly, you get an extra list, and the To-Do (as well) list which adds new challenges to the existing areas. Secondly, there is a “time trial” of sorts where a new task appears on your list in each area to complete the list before a church bell chimes (which takes 6 minutes). This opens up a speed run element.

Also just picking the game up with a friend or your kid for a quick bout of mischief and laughs is always good fun. Mini B and I pick this up every couple of weeks and always find new ways to have fun and find new things we missed before.


Untitled Goose Game (or Untitled Geese Game if you’re playing it with 2 players) is one of those games that may not be played for a long time, but oh is it played for a good time. Fun solo or with a friend.

It will stick with you long after completion and pull you back in randomly for more goose hijinks. Almost always on sale nowadays but equally as worth it at full price!


  • You’re a horrible goose!
  • Wreak havoc
  • Very fun and inventive tasks
  • 2 player co-op – you’re geese!
  • More tasks after completing the game


  • Some tasks can be quite tricky for younger players
  • Can’t fly
  • Very short playtime

Untitled Goose Game

Very Good

An absolute blast. All your goose dreams realised. Fun for a quick playthrough solo or with a friend or if you just want to knock the game out in an hour or 2.

The Bearded Blaaenger