Use this code on Genshin Impact to get free 60 Primogems

Genshin Impact Primogems

Genshin Impact is, once again, giving away a code that could give users an additional 60 Primogems if used. Primogems are an in-game currency that allows players to randomly pull characters and weapons, based on the game’s limited and permanent banners.

Using Primogems, players can choose between a single Intertwined and a single Acquaint Fate. Of the two, the former is often a popular choice for its use as acquitting items from the Limited Character Banner. The latter, meanwhile, is used for pulling on the Standard Banner.

Reddit user “cjsc9079” posted on the Genshin_Impact subreddit, sharing the code which claims to give “60x” Primogems: 6T8NWE3HD7PD.

To redeem the code, visit this page, log into your Genshin Impact account, fill in the required details, including the code, and then press the “Redeem” button.

For a prize that is typically tantamount to four Daily Missions, getting 60 Primogems is a generous that is hard to pass up. MiHoYo doing a giveaway just before the game’s anniversary is unusual and makes the free stuff more valuable.

The game was released on September 28, almost three years ago. This marks the same date for its third year this year. Like any event worth celebrating, Genshin Impact‘s third anniversary will be special. MiHoYo is most likely to commemorate the game’s birthday with some giveaways to make it memorable for everybody. In all likelihood, this could be another bulk of Primogems or otherwise some other valuable character enhancement materials.

Genshim Impact is playable on multiple platforms, including the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. A Switch version of the game, meanwhile, is currently in the works.