Visions Of Mana Gets New Trailer Showcasing Combat and New Party Members

Square Enix has shared a new “March Trailer” for Visions of Mana. The video showcases some bits of gameplay for the upcoming action RPG.

Visions is the latest addition to the Mana series, and the first brand new console game in about 17 years. Ever since Heroes of Mana on DS, the franchise had a PS Vita port of mobile Rise of Mana, and the remakes of the original three games.

In the new title, we accompany Val, a young man from the Fire Village of Tianeea. As he journeys the world to accompany his friend in her pilgrimage to the Tree of Mana, he will have to face many obstacles.

The trailer shows the exploration of the greenlands and some combat elements. Val uses different classes reminiscent of Trials of Mana during the video. Careena and Morley accompany him in battles.

According to the company, switching between the teammates and mastering the Elementals will be key to battles.

Visions of Mana comes to PS4 and PS5 this Summer.