Voice actress Jennifer Hale reveals low pay for Metal Gear Solid role

In a recent episode of the podcast “My Perfectly Imperfect Voice Actor,” Jennifer Hale opened up about her experience as a voice actress in the video game industry. The renowned actress revealed that she was only paid $1,200 for her iconic role as Naomi Hunter in the beloved game Metal Gear Solid, despite the game making a whopping $176 million in sales. Hale shares details about her time working on the game and gives insights into the discrepancies in pay between voice actors and other industry professionals. Fans and fellow voice actors have taken to social media to express their support for Hale and bring attention to the issue of fair pay in the gaming industry. Listen to the full episode for more insights from Hale and her journey as a voice actress.

Of course, Konami and Kojima most likely were not expecting Metal Gear Solid to be the great success it ended up being, but one would ponder should the wages have been higher regardless of this.

The Podcast can be found here: https://shows.acast.com/my-perfect-console/episodes/jennifer-hale-voice-actor-mass-effect-metal-gear-solid-knigh