Weird Spider-Man 2 glitch sees players controlling a white block

Spider-Man 2 glitch

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is finally released commercially. While some are probably playing (or have played completely) the game entirely from the disc without updating, the game may not be as smooth for everyone as Insomniac Games would have hoped. This comes as reports from various users claiming a bizarre glitch that sees them playing as a white block (or tofu?).

And no, this is not like The Tofu Survivor in Resident Evil 2 Remake, which is Capcom’s deliberate attempt at adding a mushy block of white tofu for humor into the game. In Spider-Man 2, it is quite literally a block of white object, which comes as a substitute for either Peter Parker or Miles Morales.

While many players are puzzled as to what’s causing the bug, there is a notion that it is due to either protagonist’s model failing to load. One X user said that the glitch has to be the “strangest bug” he has ever experienced in all his years of gaming. Another made a joke about the bug, saying it’s just another costume for either of the two protagonists.

But worse still is the instance where the player would experience falling through the map when the glitch kicks in.

Fortunately, users have also immediately found a fix to it, which only requires changing the costume for either Peter or Miles.

But as it appears, this is not the only issue that may be plaguing the game. For others, it can also be in the form of crashes or occasionally getting stuck anywhere in the game. Players will certainly want to make the update when the next patch arrives knowing these.