Why GTA San Andreas Needs a Modern Remake

Yes, I know that GTA V technically takes place in the same area as San Andreas. Anyone who is a real fan of the series knows it. That doesn’t make it any less true that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas needs a complete remake. Rockstar has the perfect opportunity coming up as well, seeing that this time next year marks the 20th anniversary of this legendary title.


Grand Theft Auto is a house-hold name, whether it be for the good or the bad reasons, and GTA San Andreas stands atop the list of best in the successful franchise. In this article, let’s take a look at just a few of the handful of reasons why Rockstar needs to remake this classic masterpiece!

Everybody’s Favorite GTA

There are so many aspects of San Andreas that would have made GTA V even better.

I think it’s safe to say that San Andreas sits atop most fan’s list of best GTA titles. I know its definitely my favorite. Even if it’s not in the number one spot I bet it’s somewhere within the top 3 for every fan of the franchise. This alone should be reason enough to slap on a total graphics overhaul and give the fans a gem of a remake, especially before GTA VI finally comes out. Cruising the original streets of Los Santos would be so epic with today’s graphics. The soundtrack would be a complete blast from the past as well.

A Legit Practice Run for Grand Theft Auto VI

Releasing a remake for San Andreas would not only be good fan service, it would help developers hash out early potential bugs for GTA VI. Upgraded graphics and mechanics in San Andreas could also give Rockstar some ideas on where to go with VI’s play style. There have been a lot of changes to the GTA series throughout its long tenure in the gaming realm, but San Andreas had a bunch of elements that could help elevate the next mainline game. Maybe all Rockstar needs to make the next game work is to go back to their roots a little bit.

A Break from Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V is no doubt a smashing success, but let’s face it, it’s played out. Being release just over a decade ago, well before the next generation systems even launched, GTA V has ran its course. Remaking a fan-favorite title like San Andreas would give players a long overdue break. The nostalgia alone is sure to rack in some big bucks too, seeing as GTA players are not afraid to dump real dollars into their gaming experiences.

A New Online and Co-op Opportunity

It was janky, but co-op was possible in San Andreas.

GTA online has come a long, long way. San Andreas wasn’t well known for its two player capability by any means, but it most certainly had it. Random spots in the game allowed a second player to join the game by pressing the START button while in the range of the special marker. The co-op function was pretty atrocious however, and would definitely need a complete overhaul to be accepted in today’s gaming market. Remaking this classic could open up lanes for a new type of GTA online, though. Imagine an online mode for players to meet in classic co-op fashion, instead of just a big online map like GTA V. Ideas like that could make this already successful franchise that much better.


There’s no doubt in my mind that a San Andreas remake would be huge. Old school players that gave up on the series would return in a heartbeat. New school players would get a look into where the series took its biggest leaps. I think most of the GTA fanbase would agree, it’s time for Rockstar to give us what we need. Bringing San Andreas into the new generation would be one of the biggest moves in gaming history, and would most definitely open up a world of opportunities for the advancement of the franchise.

San Andreas was a truly great game!

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was release on October 24th, 2004. Next year will mark its 20 year anniversary. What better time than next October to bring this classic back to life? Hint, hint Rockstar, it’s time to get to work!