Wild Bastards Comes To PS5 in 2024

Publisher Maximum Entertainment announced the console release of Wild Bastards. The action game comes to PlayStation 5 in 2024 alongside its other versions, though they revealed no specific date.

Wild Bastards is a spiritual successor to Void Bastards. It mixes FPS, roguelike and tactical strategy elements.

PlayStation Store describes it as follows:

From the veteran team behind Void Bastards and Card Hunter, Wild Bastards has you travel from planet to planet to recruit, manage and gun sling with a team of 13 outlaws, each of whom has their own weaponry, special power, and growth tree. On planets, you’ll wrangle loot and start showdowns that are then played out in intense, bite-sized shootouts.

The Wild Bastards were the most deadly gang in the galaxy until a posse from the puritanical magnate Jebediah Chaste eliminated one outlaw after another. Faced with their own mortality, the two remaining members have teamed up with the Drifter, a mysterious sentient spacecraft, to find and resurrect the dead gang members as they flee to the mythical Homestead.