Wizmans World Re;Try Gets Main Theme Music Video

CITY CONNECTION has shared a new trailer for WiZmans World Re;Try. It showcases WiZmans World Re;Try’s main theme, Re;Try, by instrumental unit soLi.

WiZmans World Re;Try is an HD edition of the DS RPG developed by JALECO. It tells the story of a young wizard who must explore the dungeons around Wizarest City looking for a way out.

The areas are full of strong foes to face in turn-based battles. To handle those, our protagonist will have the help of three fairy-like homunculi who can assume the form of monsters in combat through Anima Fusion.

For the game’s main theme, CITY CONNECTION picked soLi, an instrumental unit. The new music is reminiscent of rock tunes in other JRPGs, like the Ys series.

The RPG comes to PS4 and PS5 on May 30, 2024 in Japan. A Steam page mentions English subtitles as an option, so it may come west as well.