Wuthering Waves’ Story Largely Rewritten Following Initial Feedback

Wuthering Waves

A Genshin Impact-like game titled Wuthering Waves is in the works from developer Kuro Games, which just over nine months ago had its first open-closed beta. In response to the testers’ feedback, a large chunk of Wuthering Waves’ story has been “completely rewritten”.

In an interview, developer Dong said that the team has been hard at work in “improving nearly everything our players raised concerns about”.

Dong, citing the company’s main goal of improving the player experience, also said that “90% of the story has been completely rewritten”. However, the developer did not reveal any further explanation of what has changed with the game’s storyline.

Rewriting pretty much almost the entirety of the story does seem to have a lot of impact on the game’s progress. As such, other aspects of the developing title appear to have been affected as well, including scripts, quest structures, voice acting, some art assets, and the entire cinematics.

Dong revealed how seemingly Herculean the task is, as the team is pressured to meet the changes within just six months to the project they have been working on for the past two to three years. While difficult, he said that it was “the right thing to do”.

Another major point of complaint among the testers during the CBT1 seems to be the game’s visuals, citing the color palette as “too dull” or “depressing”. This, too, seems to be being reworked, with the team looking to gather inspiration from existing animation on how to make it “more vibrant” in look and feel.

Kuro Games, meanwhile, announced that Wuthering Games is getting a second closed-beta testing and will also soon be released on PS4 and PS5.