WWE 2K24 Coming To Playstation on March 2024

WWE 2K24 is set to release to the public on March 8th, 2024. So far, we have had trailer releases, cover star announcements and gameplay features readily available. 

The WWE is having a renaissance at the moment, and their games are no different. WWE 2K22 was a buggy flop, but WWE 2K23 got the game series back on track and now the pressure to keep going is on for 2K24.

Every sport from the NBA to Cricket have video game ‘simulators’ developed and even games like Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games. The WWE has superstars that seem to leap out from video games as it is and there is a long history of wrestling games. 


Every WWE game throughout history have different game modes and features to play. 

  • 2K Showcase of the Immortals-is a pseudo story mode that will have you play through some of the greatest matches across the 40 years of Wrestlemania
  • MyRise- a story mode for a wrestler in which you create ,there are two stories entitles Unleashed and Undisputed which will have some effect on the gameplay, 
  • MyFACTION-works similar to the days of Fifa online modes, where you build a faction of wrestlers and play against others online
  • WWE Universe-allows you to take control over the WWE universe and create matches and storylines
  • MyGM- the most requested feature of recent memory into this game, finally brought back in WWE 2K22 allows you to handle budgets, backstage show creation, matches and feuds. 
  • New Match Types-multi-person backstage brawls, guest referee matches, casket matches, ambulance matches, gauntlet matches and more 

Cover Stars

Depending on which edition of WWE 2K24 you buy you get different cover stars. The standard and cross gen edition of the game comes with 2nd generation superstar Cody Rhodes on the cover. 

The deluxe edition is a first for the series as it features only female superstars in Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley. 

The three cover stars also had no idea that they were chosen. There is a video linked here, that shows them arriving to what they think is a random photo shoot before being revealed as the cover stars. 

There is also a special edition of the game which is the Forty Years of Wrestlemania Edition and features a whole cast of stars throughout the years from The Rock, to Stone Cold, to Hulk Hogan, HBK and Becky Lynch. 

Different Editions

With different editions of games comes different features and bonuses. 

Standard Edition-£64.99

  • Copy of the game
  • If bought by April 14th 2024 you get one month free of Peacock (US Only)
  • If pre-ordered you get the Nightmare Family Pack, which gives you access to “Superstar” Billy Graham, 1976 Dusty Rhodes and three versions of Cody Rhodes (Stardust, UnDashing Cody Rhodes, Mattel Cody Rhodes)
  • If pre-ordered you also get access to some limited edition MyFaction cards

Cross-Gen Edition-£64.99

  • A copy of the game that can be played on PS4 or Xbox One with the option to upgrade
  • Pre-ordered edition also gets you the Nightmare Family Pack. 

Deluxe Edition-£89.99

  • You get everything that the Standard Edition gets
  • You also get the Supercharger, which unlocks all wrestlers available on the roster at launch so you don’t need to use in game points
  • The Mega-Boost gives your created character a skill boost in the MyRISE career mode
  • MyFACTION cards for cover stars Belair and Ripley
  • A Season Pass for the DLC packs that will eventually be released
  • Pre-ordered Deluxe Editions can be played three days early

40 Years of Wrestlemania Edition-£104.99

  • Everything that the deluxe/standard/cross gen options have
  • A unique cover designAutomatically unlocks all superstars featured in its Showcase mode
  • Comes with five unique attires which are-“Macho King” Randy Savage from Wrestlemania (WM) 6, Rey Mysterio from WM 22, Triple H from WM 30, Charlotte Flair from WM 33 and cover star Rhea Ripley from WM 36A gold
  • MyFACTION card for the above mentioned attires

Trailer Information 

On the 8th of February 2024 the gameplay trailer for WWE 2K24 dropped, showing the new/returning match types like casket or multi-person backstage brawl. 

There is also seemingly new ‘camera angles’ in the game, not just the simulated hard cam angles for a more immersive gameplay experience. 

The roster is also boasted to have 200+ modern stars and legends. 

Let us know down below which edition you are thinking of buying. Thanks.