Yohane the Parhelion – NUMAZU in the MIRAGE Gets Kanan Trailer

BeXide has shared a new trailer for Yohane the Parhelion – NUMAZU in the MIRAGE. This time, we get a closer look at the playable character Kanan.

Based on the Love Live Sunshine spin-off Yohane the Parhelion, NUMAZU in the MIRAGE is a roguelike deckbuilder game. It’s coming to PlayStation 5 and other systems on February 22, 2024. A demo is currently available on PSN.

With over 100 characters to collect and create your personal deck, the title is described as follows by the developer:

While working as a fortune teller in Numazu, Yohane spends her days with her friends.
By chance, she comes into possession of an old mirror.

Worried that her fortune-telling isn’t accurate, Yohane decides to perform “”Magic Mirror Fortune-Telling”” using it.
Suddenly, the mirror begins glowing, and sucks Yohane in!

What she finds in the mirror is “”Reverse-Numazu,”” which is a reversed replica of the real Numazu!
Moreover, in that mysterious world, magic could be used with the power of cards.
At the same time, strange things begin happening to her friends in the real world, one after another.
In order to save them, Yohane must go through “”Reverse-Numazu””!
What awaits her?

A mysterious mirror world that changes each time it’s entered.
After countless choices, what future will Yohane choose?
A new story begins in the other Numazu!

Kanan (voice: Nanaka Suwa) is a mechanic who works close to Chika’s Inn. She has the unique tendency of using flotsam to repair her creations.

Previous character trailers include: