Ys X Nordics Coming West Fall 2024

Publisher NIS America has just announced that they will be bringing the Falcom-developed action RPG Ys X: Nordics west to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 this Fall 2024. The game originally released in Japan last year.

In Ys X Nordics, players take on the role of Adol Christin, with our narrative taking place in the northern islands collectively known as Obelia Gulf.

Adol meets the proud pirate princess Karja Balta, and suddenly, he is bound by fate with the mysterious power of Mana. As they search for a way to undo the mystical ties that bind them, they encounter the Normans, a seafaring tribe, and are quickly drawn into the conflict between them, the townsfolk of Obelia Gulf, and the Griegers, undying monsters with mysterious agenda.

You can view the announcement trailer below: