Zenless Zone Zero Under Development For Playstation 5

During the State of Play livestream, HoYoverse announced that their latest urban fantasy ARPG Zenless Zone Zero is currently under development for PlayStation 5. This was teased before at Tokyo Game Show, but now, it’s all but confirmed that players will be able to experience the long-awaited ARPG on the PlayStation 5.

The trailer dynamically showcases the characters from the Cunning Hares and Belobog Heavy Industries, as well as the newly overhauled urban environment of New Eridu. The viewers were presented with an array of exciting battles between Agents and their enemies in the Hollows before concluding the trailer with Belle, one of the dual protagonists, navigating the Hollow Deep Dive System.

In Zenless Zone Zero, contemporary civilization has been destroyed by a supernatural disaster known as “Hollows.” New Eridu, the last urban civilization that survived the apocalypse, manages to thrive by acquiring the technology to extract essential resources out of the Hollows. Players will embark on an adventure as Proxies who cooperate with distinctive Agents and unveil the unknown mysteries behind New Eridu and the Hollows.

You can view the new trailer below: