A dedicated User has Played Hogwarts Legacy at 400% Completion

Hogwarts Legacy

One committed player of Hogwarts Legacy has not only finished the game once but four times, leading to a 400 percent completion of the game.

The player in question comes by the user name of MuchMoreMatt on Reddit who shared a screenshot of his in-game, which shows a 100 percent completion of every house. Potterheads, or at least those who have played the game, would know that Hogwarts consists of four houses: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. Therefore, the 400 percent completion.

Playing through each house requires an average of 68 hours to complete from start to finish. This means going through a house-specific main quest while having the option to finish the side quests or not. In total, it takes around 272 hours to accomplish the feat, such as what MuchMoreMatt has demonstrated.

But while there may be assumptions that going through each house is such a breeze, Hogwarts is not a game without its fair share of challenges. This makes playing the game not necessarily a walk in the park. Rather, it demands a degree of dedication to attain 100 percent completion with every house.

The overall hours of completion are by no means phenomenal. But for someone to do it the first time before anyone else does for a particular game, that’s quite an achievement in and of itself.