Alan Wake 2 to get New Game+ post-launch

Alan Wake 2

Alan Wake 2 has just released commercially to a massive acclaim. Game developer Remedy is making it sweeter for everyone with an announcement of a New Game+ feature for the game down the line.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), the Alan Wake 2 official account made the pronouncement stating, “New Game+ coming after launch”. Following up on the statement is a bullet list of features that will coincide with the feature:

  • The ability to retain unlocked weapons and upgrades.
  • New alternative narrative, which includes fresh Manuscript pages and video content.
  • A new and higher difficulty, Nightmare mode.

The post is finally ended with the sentence, “Exact release timing is TBD”.

While it is unclear as of yet whether said DLC will be paid or not, the level of content that it offers might suggest the former. The new alternative narrative, specifically, feels like a lot of work that may still have to be put into to add to the base game. That is, under the assumption that the announced content is still not in-game just yet.

Being able to retain the unlocked weapons and upgrades is also a nice welcome to players who have a penchant for these things. For completionists, this means additional hours of valuable engagement in the game.

The higher difficulty, while it sounds punishing, is certainly aimed at players who are already familiar with the game and are looking for a greater challenge. How difficult a Nightmare-level one would be remains to be seen. However, it is safe to imagine that it will entail a lot of flashlights, careful utilization of munitions, precise shooting, and a lot of running.