Bandai Namco Make Tekken 8’S Opening Available on Youtube

The hype train is reaching full speed as Tekken 8‘s release draws closer. Bandai Namco have been consistently releasing character reveal trailers, releasing them with more frequency each time. Zafina was just revealed this week, and there is already a new trailer among us. While this isn’t a character reveal, it’s just as jaw dropping.

This time around we’re being given a first look into the game’s opening cinematic. It appears the stakes are higher and the battle is bigger than ever before. The clip opens up with Jin and Kazuya facing off as a city is falling apart around them, showing just how massive this fight is. Later we are treated to a huge MK: Armageddon-style showdown featuring most of the base roster. The trailer ends with a quick look at the Eddy Gordo, a classic character as well as the first DLC character, and his production process. Needless to say, this is looking like it’s going to be the biggest Tekken yet!

Tekken 8 releases January 26th! You can watch the video here: