Basketball Meets E-Sports in Tekken 8 Everyday Competition Trailer

Bandai Namco is at it again with another live action Tekken 8 trailer. This time around it’s a lot more subdued, focusing more on a friendly gaming session between American basketball players Karl Anthony-Towns and Mike Conley Jr. The trailer features the two playing 3 matches against one another, complete with some light trash talk and some friendly competition. In between snippets of their matches, it showcases the new avatar creation and updated customization features. While we don’t get to see much, we do see the menu and the extent of avatar customization for the new Arcade Quest mode, which functions a lot like Street Fighter 6’s Battle Hub. We also get a sneak peek into some of the customization options on new characters Reina and Victor. I’m not going to spoil who wins the set, but it looks like it was a close call!

With the release 4 days away, it seems Bandai Namco still isn’t done teasing everything the game has to offer. I wouldn’t be surprised if they have at least one more surprise up their sleeves.

You can watch the trailer down below!

Tekken 8 releases January 24th!