Capcom Releases Character Guide For Street Fighter 6’S Ed

As the release date for returning character Ed draws near, many players are intrigued by the Neo Shadaloo leader’s capabilities. Thankfully, Capcom just released an informative character guide! Ed, like series regular Balrog, is a boxer. His specialty, however, lies in the Psycho Power he takes from M. Bison’s shared genetics. In the breakdown, his different strengths and weaknesses are highlighted, proving him to be a powerful character in both defense and offense. Moves like the zoning Psycho Spark and the punishing Psycho Uppercut are quite the threat. Needless to say, Ed’s shaping up to be quite the menace you’d expect from a character with the formidable Psycho Power. Full of flair and strength, Ed is a DLC character worth checking out.

You can check out the guide for yourself below. Ed releases on February 27th!