How to Unlock A.K.I. as Master in World Tour, her Outfit 2

A.K.I. Street Fighter 6

The Street Fighter franchise is known for its rendition of deadly combatants in the form of martial arts. But while it is known for having all sorts of unique individuals with diverse fighting capabilities, occasionally there would be those who seem quirkier than others. Enter A.K.I, Street Fighter 6’s poison-wielding assassin, who quite literally brings a rather fatal combination of toxicity and melee to her poor opponents.

By combining the power of poison and unorthodox fighting maneuverabilities, A.K.I.’s label as a killer is not to be trifled with. Yet, while players are more likely to get control of this unparalleled fighter by buying her as a DLC or as part of a special version of SF6, she can also be encountered in the World Tour. More specifically, you can be her pupil if you happen to make her your master.

Unlocking A.K.I. as a Master

To take her as a master, players must head to Chun Li’s training grounds. Speak to the old lady NPC named Lao Mao, who will complain of tiredness. This will kickstart the quest “Good Medicine’s Hard to Come By”. Simply provide her with an energy drink to address her simple ailment. Next, she will be complaining about back pain and mentions a certain Fang Fei who holds the treatment to her condition.

Follow the mission object, leading to the lower area of the MHM Stadium. Waiting there is the target NPC, but also happens to be the man known as F.A.N.G. in Street Fighter 5. The NPC will soon ask you to go to China to fetch the ingredients essential for the treatment.

Open the World Tour map to see a new location opening to you: Tian Hong Yuan, China. Visit the new area to trigger a scene involving A.K.I. Speak to A.K.I. to claim the required ingredients, and subsequently be forcibly enrolled under her tutelage.

Head back to F.A.N.G. to complete the medicine. Then, give it to Lao Mao to finish the quest.

Unlocking Outfit 2

Street Fighter 6’s A.K.I., by default, would be generally known for her tight-fitting snake-like costume, which perfectly fits her persona. But she can also wear more adorable clothing, such as the gothic Lolita-inspired Outfit 2.

Anyone can easily buy this get-up by forking over 50 Fighter Coins for it. However, others who prefer to get it for free with only some effort would choose to raise A.K.I.’s bond instead. Simply raise her bond to a maximum, such as by giving her Fans and Prepaid cards, and you will automatically unlock the costume. Alternatively, you can also give her a unique item that raises her bond when you finish “The Secret Sentient Sidekick” quest in Metro City.