Collab with Hideo Kojima or Yoko Taro a “DISASTER,” says Hideki Kamiya

Hideki Kamiya disaster

What would happen if you pit one of the greatest game developers out there, like Hideo Kojima or Yoko Taro, with the creator of the Bayonetta series Hideki Kamiya on a game project? For the former founder of PlatinumGames himself, it would be a “DISASTER!”

That is coming directly from the horse’s mouth, following another video he made for his YouTube channel. In one of his videos, he talked about how people want him to work with other renowned names in the industry, in addition to the topic of cooking, onsen, and aquarium visits.

When asked about working alongside Dead or Alive creator Tomonobu Itagaki by a fan, Kamiya responded by saying how he was frequently asked the same question. However, he flat-out denied the possibility of such collaborations ever happening, even mentioning Hideo Kojima and Yoko Taro, stating how it would end up in a “disaster”.

The reason why

Kamiya goes on to explain the idea by alluding to it as the opposite of a well-executed “fusion” in Dragon Ball where Goku would seamlessly fuse with another. For him, it does not seem to work that way. “Two people with completely different personalities and ideas would clash. There’s no way you’d get a decent game out of that,” he said.

Adding to the sentiment, Kamiya highlighted a Japanese saying about a ship having too many captains—that it gets “steered up a mountain”. Thus, exalting the moral of the story about the need for a single captain in every ship. In this case, a metaphor for a game project he would be involved in—with himself as the one and only captain, of course.

Currently unemployed because of the agreement he had with his former company as he parted ways, Hideki Kamiya was a game developer known for some of Capcom’s iconic franchises, like Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry, Viewtiful Joe, and Okami, before establishing his own company and made brand new IPs.