Doctor Who Boss Completely Dismisses Rumored Fortnite Collaboration

Fortnite Doctor Who

Despite anticipations of the opposite, Doctor Who showrunner Russel T. Davies has completely denied a potential collaboration with Fortnite—calling the notion a “myth”.

The response came following one user asking Davies on Instagram about the tie-in, which was responded with—”There isn’t one! It’s a complete myth, I’m afraid”.

While the word does come off as surprising, it comes primarily from supposed “pieces of evidence” from recent months that seem to suggest that the crossover is indeed a thing.

The leaks

There have been multiple leaks since last year. Yet, speculations were strongest still around May 2023 when leaked information was made public, seemingly suggesting a collaboration with the popular battle royale game during Doctor Who’s 60th-anniversary episode. Only for the hearsay to not come to fruition and for the community to dismiss it as a case of delay.

But trusted Fortnite leakers were also in on the buzz as well, such as FNBRintel, iFireMonkey, and Doctor Who, with details and reported item concept art corroborating the belief.

For instance, data for what seems to be skins for the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Doctors, David Tennant v2 and Ncuti Gatwa, respectively; emote involving a Psychic Paper; a TARDIS glider; and Dark Manipulator Arm and Sonic Staff were shown.

Considering Doctor Who’s 60th-anniversary episode, it comes in line with info about a supposed presence of UNIT troops on the Fortnite map. Their appearance is said to be linked to a quest involving investigations of the Meep Star Cruiser and the use of Wrarth Warriors’ arsenal.

However, as Davies says the collab is indeed a “total myth,” then it might be. Otherwise, this would have been the second time that Doctor Who will be seen in Fortnite in an official capacity. Fans will recall that, in 2022, a limited-edition TARDIS spray was given away as part of a small campaign with BBC, which simply required the players to visit a series of Doctor Who maps.