Dredge’s first DLC, The Pale Reach, to arrive next month

Dredge The Pale Reach

Black Salt Games has announced the arrival of the first DLC to its flagship title, Dredge, next month. The expanded content comes six months after the game’s successful commercial release.

Dubbed “Dredge: The Pale Reach,” the DLC will be released on November 16, 2023, with the following information:

”Dredge: The Pale Reach calls players to a new, frozen frontier—a pristine icy biome awaiting discovery by the most intrepid of explorers. Those who find themselves within this frozen expanse will embark on a journey through icy canyons, retracing the path of a long-forgotten expedition and unveiling the destiny of those who once ventured there. Journeying into the depths of this glacial biome will require players to upgrade their vessel, equipping it with specialized gear capable of smashing through the unforgiving ice.”

However, much like the rest of Dredge, an eerie undercurrent of malevolence grips this realm, corrupting and twisting nature itself for its sinister designs. Will those who dare venture into The Pale Reach succeed in laying to rest a historic betrayal? Can they halt an already-encroaching darkness?”

Coinciding with the DLC’s additional story offering are also 11 new species of crabs and fish, including their peculiar versions, and an extra type of fish. Adding also to the game’s quality of life improvement is a new item that helps players maintain the freshness of their catch for longer.

Giving a bit of history about the development of The Pale Reach, the developers said that plans for the icy setting began during the early design phase of Dredge. They went on to claim that it only failed inclusion in the base game as the other biomes were better suited to its overarching narrative at the time. Strong community demand, however, pushed the team to work on it, leading to the development of the DLC.