Final Fantasy VII Rebirth showcases new environments, exploration, combat, and more

With still months away from getting a solid release, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is already shaping up to be a more well-rounded JRPG. With new combat mechanics, exploration, and other cool stuff, the second installment in the Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy improves upon the first.

In the recently-held Tokyo Game Show 2023, we’re given a glimpse at the latest development with Rebirth. From the new environments that come with their unique landmarks to new enemies and new allies to team up with, there is plenty to take in with the showcase.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Tokyo Game Show 2023 Stage Presentation


Set outside of the confines of the seminal Remake, players are now able to explore more diverse areas, ranging from the barren canyons to the lush yet still make-infused grasslands, and the beach. But Square Enix seems to focus on demonstrating the beauty of the game via the pasture setting as seen throughout much of the stream.


Exploring the vastness of Midgar will certainly take a good chunk of a player’s time with Rebirth. But throughout the back and forths, players will get to encounter Chocobo Ranches where they could exchange for gears and customize their Chocobo.

Walking on foot is something that the players will see their party in. However, the open world also presents an opportunity to make travel time shorter by letting players ride on their bespoke Chocobo. Doing so even adds an interesting feature where the Chocobo could sniff for treasures containing valuable item formulae.

Gameplay Features

Speaking of formulae, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is also introducing a gameplay feature called Item Transmuter. Through this feature, players can craft items, gradually unlock new formulae, and gain access to rarer items.

A familiar NPC, Chadley, will be returning in Rebirth. By helping him with his research quests, players are rewarded with intel to develop new materia as well as explore new locations. He will also let you in a battle simulator, too, which comes with its challenges.


Combat-wise, players can expect the introduction of the Synergy Abilities. Through this, players can increase their Limit level which also lets players execute team-up skills that do not require ATB. Additionally, players will also meet new party members like Sephiroth, Caith Sith, and Vincent Valentine, which adds variety to combat.


Lastly, there are also a slew of mini-games as well, like the piano and the Queen’s Blood card game, that add to the overall freshness of the game.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is set for release exclusively on the PlayStation 5 on February 29, 2024.