Final Fantasy XIV is getting a new job class: Pictomancer

Final Fantasy XIV Pictomancer

Final Fantasy XIV, via the Tokyo Fan Fest 2024 livestream, revealed a new upcoming class as part of the Dawntrail expansion—the Pictomancer.

The Pictomancer is a second job class to come to the Square Enix MMO, alongside the Viper job class. Originally introduced in Final Fantasy VI, the Pictomancer is making a debut in FFXIV as the fanbase had known it—a job class that uses a brush and easel as a weapon. As the description implies, this job class is about using the power of art in combat, essentially turning magical images into spells.

As a ranged DPS fighter, the Pictomancer is in league with the likes of Summoner, Red Mage, and Black Mage. However, unlike other job classes, the Pictomancer does not require any previous jobs to use. Apart from the fact that players can easily jump to the job class once it becomes available, anyone who does so will automatically start their Pictomancer experience at level 80.

The starting quest for the Pictomancer can be obtained in Gridania.

When the Dawntrail expansion launches, players can venture into the land of Tural in the West. Said to be a less-developed region compared to other existing areas in FFXIV, Tural has a two-headed Mamool Ja called Gulool Ja Ja as a leader. The expansion will center around the city of Tuliyollal, involving the rights to the throne, which entails finding the legendary City of Gold.