Final Fantasy XIV unveils the female Hrothgar

Final Fantasy XIV Hrothgar

Coming off the recently held Final Fantasy XIV Tokyo Fan Fest 2024 livestream, the female variant of the Hrothgar race is revealed, which will give the players an additional option to choose from when making their characters.

Per FFXIV lore, the female Hrothgar hails from Ilsabard, in a civilization largely dominated by males. While having feminine traits to signify their gender, the female Hrothgar is also known for their muscular build.

In the keynote, a female Hrothgar is shown who came to speak, saying “At least, we come to the land you call the new world. My home: Tural.” FFXIV Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida, also known as “Yoshi-P,” revealed the figure’s name as Wuclomat. Subsequent revelation showed Wuclomat’s status as the Tural leader’s daughter and the catalyst for bringing the Scions into the land.

In 2019, Yoshida unveiled that the decision to present the Viera and Hrothgar races as a single gender largely boils to development issues, among other reasons, rather than lore within FFXIV. Two years later, the game’s director said that the male and female versions of Viera and Hrothgar would soon arrive in the game.

Initially, Yoshi-P promised the female Hrothgar to come as part of the Endwalker expansion. Thus, making its imminent coming later this year sort of a long wait.