Full Void: New Pixel-Art Platformer Launches on PlayStation

It’s time to delve into the dystopian future as you fight your way through puzzles, obstacles blocking your path, and haunting AI, all to uncover the story that surrounds this broken, run-down society where only children are still free… but for how long?

Full Void, the indie pixel-art cinematic puzzle platformer, has officially landed on PlayStation. Developed by retrogaming developer OutOfTheBit (Super Arcade Football), this game has already released to audiences on PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. Now, it’s poised to conquer a new realm of players on PS4 & PS5.

In a dystopian future where AI reigns supreme, Full Void invites you to dive into the story of a young, lone survivor navigating a nightmarish world. The game promises to test your skills and courage as you hack machinery to solve puzzles and explore exquisitely hand-drawn pixel environments. Full Void harkens back to classic cinematic puzzle-platformers platformers like Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee, Heart Of Darkness, and Prince Of Persia, but with a fresh twist.

What sets Full Void apart is its masterful use of 2D pixel art, which paradoxically creates a vivid 3D world with depth and fluid movement that transcends traditional side-scrolling. Each scene is meticulously crafted, showcasing custom-built composition, animation, and perspective. Whilst it immerses players in a thrilling, horror atmosphere, it does so without resorting to gore or explicit violence.

Ali Motisi, the Lead Developer, Founder, and Director of OutOfTheBit, shared his inspiration: “With Full Void, we wanted to tell a story and also convey a feeling to the player. It’s the feeling of helplessness and isolation many of us felt during the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, and we tell this entire story without the use of words, except for a line of text on the very last screen of the game.”

The game’s ambitious art style has not gone unnoticed, with Full Void earning double nominations in the Indie Cup UK ’23 for “Rising Star” and “Critics’ Choice.” Motisi expressed his gratitude, saying, “We’re humbled to be included in a lineup of such great games. It gives us confidence that we are on the right track!”

Miles Atkinson, the Pixel Artist for Full Void, highlighted the artistic effort that went into every frame of the game: “Each screen in Full Void could be considered a painting. Composition, light, and every single element were polished to the smallest detail.”

Full Void is now available to play on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, ready to take players on a unique, pixelated journey. To celebrate the game’s launch, PlayStation Plus members can buy Full Void for 20% off until October 24.