Hogwarts Legacy is giving away all Twitch Drop Rewards

Hogwarts Legacy Twitch Drop Rewards

Warner Bros. Games is making today, November 13, a special day for Hogwarts Legacy players as it announces the free giveaway of every Twitch Drop Reward ever released for the game.

Via an article titled “Twitch Drop Rewards Update,” WB Games Support made the official announcement, stating that said rewards will become readily available to all players as soon as they log into the game. Players, in particular, will receive a “[Claim Online Reward]” prompt, indicating the availability of the DLCs, upon booting the game.

Specifically, players are entitled to the following cosmetics:

  • Charms Professor Spectacles
  • Silver Dragon-Eyed Spectacles
  • Charms Professor Gloves
  • Urchin Hat
  • Charms Professor Outfit
  • Carmine Lightning Bolt Scarf
  • Charms Professor Scarf
  • Lilac Ensemble
  • Charms Professor Tasselled Kufi
  • Merlin’s Cloak
  • Charms Professor Robe

Made available on all platforms, players on the PlayStation platform are specifically required to have an active PSN account to redeem the freebies.

This is a perfect opportunity for every player to get ahold of the stuff they might have missed for lacking access to the paid streaming platform.

But in the instance that the promo went live and the game was actively running or on standby mode, players are advised to completely close the game and restart it to make the free DLCs appear for claiming.