Horror RPG Catechesis Announced for PS4 and PS5

Baroque Decay, the developers behind Yuppie Psycho, have announced Catechesis for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The horror RPG doesn’t have a release date yet, but it got its first trailer.

Catechesis is actually the first title from the developer. Ten years after its original reveal, the game is back in production and coming to current console systems.

The pixel art survival horror tells the story of Daniel, an altar boy possessed by a demon. Now, he must be virtuous during the day and fight demons during the night to save his grandfather and not have the world be consumed by hell.

Catechesis will feature stealth elements and twin-stick shooting combat. Hidden paths, limited resources, and finding out religious lore will be part of the experience as well.

Besides the announcement trailer, the company has shared a Bandcamp link with six compositions of the soundtrack by Michael “Garoad” Kelly (Yuppie Psycho, VA-11 HALL-A).

They’ve also shared a devlog explaining the origins of the game, how the scope blew up and made it better for them to focus on other projects, and details about the story and gameplay: