How to find the 10 ghosts for Ghosts Exposed collectibles in GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto Online

Halloween is just right around the corner, which means that all kinds of spooks are back in Grand Theft Auto Online. Aside from the presence of the third kind and phantom cars driving across Los Santos, this year’s Halloween is extra special in that ghosts are now appearing via the Ghosts Exposed quest. It even includes one special ghost, which would be familiar to those who have played GTA IV: The Lost and Damned.

However, these ghosts only appear at certain times of an in-game day. But when they do, you could take their photos, which are the requirements for the Ghosts Exposed quest for some beautiful rewards.

  1. At the front or back side of the barn
  2. Windows in a trailer
  3. Outside or inside the bus
  4. At the bottom or on the top of the lighthouse
  5. Atop the overhand above the door or in the window of the rear of the house
  6. Floating above a grave or atop the church roof
  7. In the crack of the roof or the window behind the house
  8. On the right side or left side of the waterfall
  9. Atop the train tunnel or beside the bridge’s parachute spawn

A familiar spirit

Coming across and meeting nine generic ghosts can be pretty uneventful. But the last one’s a real kicker (pun intended) and should probably raise the hair of anyone who has played GTA IV’s DLC. It’s time to meet the ghost of no other than Johnny Klebitz.

To find Klebitz, simply go to the same intersection where he died. But do not go earlier than midnight or later than 1 AM, and do not get too close or he vanishes. Take the ghost’s photo when it appears to finally finish the quest.

As each of the photos of the ghost you’ve taken costs $20,000, you get a total of $200,000 for all 10 pictures. Plus, you get an additional $50,000 for getting all ten, which makes for an overall prize of $250,000. But to sweeten the reward, you also get a unique livery for the Albany Brigham.