Kojima Productions Is Partnering Up With Sony For an Action-Espionage Game

Kojima Productions Sony

During the January 2024 State of Play broadcast, Hideo Kojima announced an upcoming project for the PlayStation. The game in question is an action-espionage title, possibly akin to Metal Gear Solid, but under a completely different label.

Kojima revealed the title of the game as “Physint” and was said to utilize “cutting-edge” technology and will employ talent from across the globe. The legendary game maker added that the will-be working title is a combination of “a movie and a game” simultaneously. Based on that idea alone, it does seem like Kojima is going to be on an undertaking that could potentially rival, if not surpass, the franchise he helped create.

The founder of Kojima Productions clarified that the planned project is a completely new IP and not part of an established universe. This is telling that it won’t be based on something like Metal Gear Solid, which is technically owned by his former employer Konami.

But while the forecast is certainly interesting, Kojima said that the game will not start development until Death Stranding 2: On the Beach launches in 2025. With that said, it will take quite a while before his newest creation can take any shape or form. Nevertheless, a game with similar gameplay as the Metal Gear Solid series is something that fans could only wish for since he left Konami and established his studio.