Level-5’ 25th-anniversary website is officially live; gives away free wallpapers


Level-5 has just launched a website as part of its celebration of being 25 years into the business, which contains merchandise as well as free wallpapers for everybody to use.

Earlier in the year, Level-5 made headlines when it announced some developing titles. The release dates for each title remain unknown. But Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino announced via X (formerly Twitter) that there will announcement of the release dates in November.

Per NoisyPixel’s Ryuji, the post states:

Tomorrow, on October 28, Level-5 will celebrate 25 years since its founding! Thank you very much for your support!

We will be opening a special website to celebrate it, and we also plan to disclose further information regarding title release dates sometime in November.

Noteworthy among Level-5’s line-up of upcoming titles are Megaton Musashi Wired, Decapolice, and Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road.

Set in a perfect copy of reality called DECASIM, Decapolice revolves around the rookie detective Harvard Marks as he traverses between the real world and virtual reality in solving criminal cases.

Megaton Musashi: Wired, meanwhile, is another entry in the mecha franchise, featuring customizable robots. As a game that centers around gargantuan machines, a future collaboration is already in place involving iconic mech franchises, VOLTES V, COMBATTLER V, and UFO Robot Grendizer.

Level-5’s iconic football franchise, Inazuma Eleven, is having yet another installment. But this time, it features an all-new protagonist in a game of sports with a dash of fantasy.