Metal Gear Solid Quest in Fortnite: Where Is the Cardboard Box?

Fortnite Cardboard Box

Metal Gear Solid’s protagonist Solid Snake has finally entered Fortnite. And what better way to dominate the field but with the combination of stealth and style, including something primitive yet effective as hiding in a cardboard box?

Doing just that is typical of Solid Snake when completing missions with relative invisibility. However, this essential hardware is not included in his arsenal by default. This is a shame considering that one of this soldier’s quests requires him to hide in it temporarily and even walk some distances while in it.

Now, part of Solid Snake’s addition to Fortnite is the chances of cardboard boxes randomly popping up on the field. The keyword, in this case, however, is “random,” which puts the likelihood that the player will come across one to be completely based on patience and luck.

Fortunately, there is one guaranteed way to get a cardboard box for completing two of Solid Snake’s quests—getting it from Solid Snake, the NPC, himself.

To locate the Solid Snake NPC, simply travel to the tiny island north of Lavish Lair. From there, it is as simple as asking to buy a cardboard box from the NPC.

With a cardboard box in possession, choose to throw it on the ground and then get in it for at least 10 seconds. Doing so will automatically finish one of the available quests for Solid Snake.

From there, the player would also want to remain inside the box and walk some 150 meters to complete another quest.