Mortal Kombat 1 – List of Fatality Inputs

The following is a list of Fatality inputs for Mortal Kombat 1 on the PlayStation.


FighterFatality (Range)Input
AshrahHeavenly Light (Mid)Down, Forward, Down, Triangle
BarakaSplit Decision (Close)Back, Forward, Down, Square
General ShaoSpin Cycle (Mid)Back, Forward, Down, Square
GerasSand Storm (Mid)Forward, Down, Down, Circle
HavikAtomic Heart (Close)Down, Forward, Down, Circle
Johnny CageHollywood Walk of Pain (Close)Forward, Back, Down, Triangle
KenshiBlended (Close)Forward, Down, Down, Triangle
KitanaRoyal Blender (Far)Down, Forward, Down, Circle
Minty Fresh (Close)Down, Down, Back, Circle
Kung LaoLao’d And Clear (Mid)Back, Forward, Back, Circle
Li MeiRoman Candle (Close)Forward, Back, Forward, X
Happy New Year (Close)Back, Forward, Down, Circle
Liu KangDouble Dragon (Close)Down, Forward, Back, Circle
MileenaAppetizer (Close)Back, Forward, Back, Square
A Little to the Left (Close)Down, Forward, Back, X
NitaraVaeternus KomBAT (Mid)Down, Down, Back, Square
RaidenThe Storm’s Arrival (Close)Back, Forward, Back, Triangle
RainThe Red Sea (Close)Down, Down, Back, Circle
ReikoThe Impaler (Mid)Down, Down, Back+Triangle
For the General (Close)Back, Down, Down, Circle
ReptileIndigestion (Mid)Forward, Back, Down, Circle
ScorpionEye-Palling Victory (Mid)Down, Forward, Back, R2
Gang War (Mid)Back, Forward, Back, Triangle
Shang TsungSide Effects (Close)Back, Down, Down, Circle
SindelHair Comes Trouble (Mid)Down, Back, Down, Square
SmokeHazed and Infused (Any)Back, Forward, Down, Square
Sub-ZeroHairline Fracture (Any)Forward, Down, Down, Triangle
TanyaHelping Hands (Close)Down, Back, Down, X

Kameo Fighters

FighterFatality (Range)Input
CyraxAnnihilation (Mid)Forward, Back, Forward, R1
DarriusArmed and Dangerous (Mid)Down, Back, Forward, R1
FrostBreaking Point (Mid)Back, Down, Back, R1
GoroPrince of Pain (Close)Back, Forward, Down, R1
JaxBig Boot (Far)Down, Forward, Down, R1
KanoHeart Ripper (Mid)Back, Down, Forward, R1
Kung LaoKlean Kut (Mid)Forward, Back, Forward, R1
MotaroBrain Blast (Mid)Forward, Down, Down, R1
SareenaInner Demon (Mid)Back, Down, Down, R1
ScorpionToasty!!! (Mid)Down, Forward, Down, R1
SektorKompactor (Mid)Back, Forward, Back, R1
ShunjikoFive Point Strike (Mid)Down, Back, Down, R1
SonyaKiss (Mid)Back, Forward, Down, R1
StrykerSafety Vest (Mid)Forward, Down, Forward, R1
Sub-ZeroSpine Rip (Mid)Forward, Down, Forward, R1