Nomura Claims Final Fantasy VII Remake Project Will ‘Tie Up’ with Advent Children

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

Following an interview with The Guardian, the creative director of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Tetsuya Nomura made a surprising revelation for the fans. It relates to an important detail concerning the Final Fantasy VII Remake project.

Somewhere during the rather extensive interview, Nomura was asked about the story changes in both Rebirth and the still-untitled third entry in the trilogy. But while he did not provide a definitive answer to the question, he said something that is certainly aimed at diehard fans. In particular, fans of the CG movie Final Fantasy Advent Children.

“If you play right through to the end, it will link up [to Advent Children] so you don’t need to worry about that…”

Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children Complete 4K Remastered – Official Trailer (2021)

That is certainly a statement that will spark the interest of the fans. And for the most part, it does make perfect sense. This is considering the fact that the animated movie takes place after the events of the original game.

However, as the remake offers plenty of room for creativity, it does beg the question of how the tie-up would look after the credits rolled.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the second entry in the Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy. It follows up after the events of the first and will introduce new characters, including Red XIII, Caith Sith, and Vincent Valentine. It will launch exclusively on the PlayStation 5 console and comes in two discs.