Persona 3 Reload Gets 30 Minutes Of Gameplay From the Initial Areas Of the Game

SEGA/Atlus has shared the initial moments of Persona 3 Reload in a gameplay video. The video covers around 48 minutes of the game including cutscenes, school life and the moments up to the first battle with Shadows.

Reload is a remake of a classic PS2 JRPG. In the game, we follow a group of young individuals who become part of the S.E.E.S. organization.

Together, they must investigate the mysterious Dark Hour, a 13th hour that has monsters called Shadows lurking around. Though the moon stages bring with them dangerous foes, every night also turns Gekkoukan High into a mysterious tower called Tartarus.

The lengthy new video shows a closer look at the initial moments of the game. However, it’s only available in Japanese at the moment, despite the fact the JRPG will be available in English and other languages.

Persona 3 Reload is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on February 2, 2024.