Persona 5 Tactica New Info Reveals Quests, Replays, New Game+, and More

Persona 5 Tactica

ATLUS just dropped new tidbits of information for Persona 5 Tactica that fans should look into. From replays to quests and a unique story to New Game+ at the end of the game, this developing title is shaping up to be yet another exciting spinoff to the Persona 5 franchise (via Gematsu).

First on the list is the quest. Quests in general are a staple in RPGs, and even when Persona 5 Tactica took a different turn from the original, quests remain a part of its gameplay. As players advance through the storyline, they will unlock quests that are essentially stages with unique challenges and mechanics. But each quest is special as it provides a bit of storytelling for the players to enjoy.

Doing quests will not only enable the players to learn more about the events taking place in Persona 5 Tactica. Completing them comes with rewards, too. Most notably, with the so-called “GP,” which can be used to modify each character’s skill tree. This means that the player’s party only becomes stronger by completing as many available quests out there for their GP.

However, the player does not always need to jump to the next quest upon completion of an existing one. They can replay the same stage as many times as they want to reap the same rewards, including money, EXP, and even Personas. But players will want to meet the conditions in each stage to gain better spoils, such as more money and EXP.

Although it is uncertain how long it takes to finish the game, it will nevertheless offer an extended play experience through New Game+. This means that the player’s progress from a previous playthrough will carry over. That is, also with the goal of completion and higher difficulty in the new one.

Playing on a New Game+ also opens a new feature where the player will be able to unlock stuff like concept art, illustrations, and more.